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Our aquaculture trading arm focuses on a few aspects: Aquaculture products, Equipment and Supplies, Feed manufacturing, Hatcheries and Farming.

Aquaculture Trading

Our aquaculture trading arm focuses on a few aspects: Aquaculture products, Equipment and Supplies, Feed manufacturing, Hatcheries and Farming.

Equipment and Supplies

Managed by A & O Aquaculture Trading Sdn Bhd and Enviro Farm Sdn Bhd, we provide different equipment and supply solutions to shrimp & fish farms and other hatcheries.

Our products and services include (but not limited to):


Our hatcheries are all registered with the Department of Fishery, Malaysia and are strictly monitored and regulated using the highest safety and hygiene standards. We produce 50 million shrimp pieces (post larval) and 1 million fish fries pieces monthly at maximum capacity.

Located in Kong Kong and Endau coast, both of our hatcheries are awarded the MyGAP (Malaysia’s Good Aquaculture and Practice) and FQC (Fish Quality Certification) by DOF for our use the Bio-Security Farming method which ensures the integrity of our farming and harvesting standards.

Our state-of-the-art hatchery sites are registered and regulated by the Fishery Department of Malaysia (Shrimp & Fish Fry) and are supplying the following prawn and fish species to the market:

  • SPF Vannamei Fries (post larval and super post larval sizes)
  • SPF Monodon
  • Fish fries (Seabass, Red Snapper, Hybrid Grouper and Golden Trevally)

Endau Semanyir Hacthery
Endau Semanyir Hacthery


Currently, we have a total of 21 shrimp farms located in Johor Bahru with more than 500 farming ponds covering a total of 350 hectares. All of our farms are certified by DOF Malaysia with MyGap (Malaysia Good Aquaculture Practice) and FQC Certificate approvals for exporting frozen shrimp products to the EU.

A & O implements the BIO-SECURE farming system in order to naturally improve the taste and disease resistance of our cultivated shrimps without the use of controversial antibiotics.

All of the factory-owned ponds are well-managed and meticulously controlled. No antibiotics were used during the incubation and growing period of the lot. Our shrimp farmers conduct daily inspections of the farms and ponds throughout the year and record their findings.

Tilapia Farming
Tilapia Farming


Our Aqua-Foods-Logistics arm focuses on three aspects: Logistics & Transportation, Food Products Processing, and Retails & Supplies.

Logistics & Transportation

Managed by A & T Seafood Supply, we are dedicated on providing wholesale, transportation and logistics solutions to our business partners. Our logistics solution encompasses temperature-controlled warehousing, refrigerated transportation and distribution to ensure our business partners, and customers receive the highest quality products at the right time.

Food Products / Processing

A & O Food Industries is in charge of developing our products and processing procedures to ensure we met the highest standards in GMP and HACCP certifications. This has also signifies on the products we provide, are the freshest and safest, free from external contamination.

We always distinguish ourselves by ensuring the food quality to food safety with high nutritional value, where this is one of our main concerns.

Moreover, A & O also offers different choices of shrimp, fish & seafood products, from raw to cooked and even pre-packaged, to ready-to-eat.

Retails & Supplies

A & O Frozen Mart operates our first in-house retail store in Johor Jaya, The Frozen Factory. Here, our customers will be able to preview live shrimp, fish and other seafood, as well as having it in chilled, frozen packaging and more. Or customizing in weight, size, quantity, cut, packaging are being made to customer’s expectations.

Feel free to visit us at 45, Jalan Dedap 23, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.